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Dana Siegmund – Director of Consumer Content

Dana Siegmund has been in the field of education since 1999, and he has worked with many different types of students. He has spent the latest of his years in the field working on e-learning and distance learning platforms were he has been privileged to help pilot new electronic learning tools as well as design and use some of his own. In 2008 he earned his Education Specialist degree from the University of Georgia, conducting his research on the use of social networking for instructing at-risk students.

Dana brewed his first batch of beer on the day before his twenty-first birthday in 1995, and has not shown any sign of slowing down. Since that day many years ago, Dana has won a handful of awards for his homebrews, and he has become a BJCP certified judge. If you were to ask Dana why he is so passionate about beer and brewing, he’d say something to the tune of: “Where else are you going to combine history, art, science, and drinking into one?”

Lately, Dana has been most interested in replicating historic styles like Pre-Prohibition American Pilsner or brewing sour and wild ales, as well as other traditional German and Belgian styles. Though he is more a purist at heart, Dana can also pull off a batch of bent brew that does not fit a traditional description. “Creating something that is not available on the market that perfectly caters to my specific tastes was one of the main reasons I got into brewing in the first place . . . that, and the fact that high-gravity beer was illegal in Georgia at the time,” he says. Dana is one of the founding members of Athens League of Extraordinary Zymurgists (A.L.E.Z.) in Athens, Georgia, and has the sole honor of creating the name the club chose to use.

Outside of the beer world, Dana chases his wonderful kids around and enjoys the company of his loving wife (without whose support he would not be the brewer / instructor he is). Dana also enjoys listening to music (almost any genre that is actual “music”), watching sports (Falcons, Hawks, Braves, Bulldogs), enjoying the outdoors, or anything else he can do better with a beer in his hand.